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All of the Client Thank-you notes below are reproduced verbatim from the originals. For Client confidentiality we've not disclosed the Clients' names, and we have also omitted any named references the Clients may have made to members of the WVCS team. All of the originals have been kept on file.


Mrs P: I cannot speak highly enough for the kind and efficient service I receive from all of the drivers at Windsor Voluntary Car Service. They are always polite and always on time. I am, am sure, only too grateful for your services and I truly would not know how I would manage without the services of the voluntary drivers; also I must say the kind and helpful telephone arrangements which is given by your Administrator. Thank you all, and God Bless you.


Mrs B: The service of Windsor Voluntary Cars and their drivers is invaluable to both me and my Husband. The drivers are on time and always caring, we really don't know how we  would manage without this service, not forgetting the office personnel, always patient, getting a car for us sometimes at short notice, though no fault of ours. Please keep up the good work. With thanks.


Mrs C: All your drivers are very good.  Especially B........ R........ and B....... I do not know where I would be without your service. I [would] like to thank you sincerely, all of you. Hope you keep well. THANK YOU.


Mrs S: Your do indeed provide very good care and the Drivers have been very kind and you feel assured of good journey. Especially when you have to use a wheelchair. I shall certainly be using [you] in the future. 


Mrs P: 1. Always on time. 2. Courteous, pleasant and helpful drivers.


Mrs S: I would like to say about your service, which you give to us disabled [people], I find [it] excellent. You always put the service to use even if you are booked up when sometimes we have to give you a late booking. I myself will be seeing you next Friday 21st. With many thanks.


Mrs M: I have always been very happy with the kind service provided from you and your drivers.


Mrs P: I have found that your drivers, without exception, always provide a kind and helpful service, no matter how long they sometimes have to wait with me. They do a great job and people like myself would be lost without them.


Mrs A: As a 91 year-old person with walking difficulty, and often have to keep hospital appointments, I am very grateful for the service of the the WVCS. I always find the drivers are extremely kind and helpful. I do hope the service will continue.


Mrs P: I am so pleased to have the opportunity to thank you all, for such a wonderful service. I don't know what I would do without it. So once again, thank you. Best Wishes.


Mrs R: Thank you so much for the WVCS. You certainly have got things right. We all appreciate our friendly telephone conversations and wonderful fleet of caring drivers. What would we do without you? God Bless. Most important of course is that we know we are able to keep appointments on time and not have to worry about being taken home afterwards.


Mrs K: I am delighted to have joined the Windsor Voluntary Car Service. I find all the drivers are very punctual and most courteous. Long may it continue.


Mrs A: When I first joined the Voluntary Car Service some time ago, things were not going well. However since using the service in recent times, I have been delighted with the efficiency and courtesy shown. A much appreciated cheerful support.


Mr A: Don't know what we would have done without you! You took the stress out of a very difficult time. 


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