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1 How do I book a journey?

Call our Office on 07570891842 at least a week before your appointment. The phone is manned on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 10am and 1pm. If no one answers, leave a message.

2 What if I need to book a journey at less than a weeks notice? We will do our best to find a driver to take you, but we can't guarantee this.
3 Do I have to register with WVCS first? Yes. You'll need to provide your name, address and contact number, and you'll also need to complete a declaration stating that you are medically fit to use our service.
4 How do I pay? You pay the driver with cash or cheque on completion of the journey. They will issue you with a receipt.
5 How do I know whether I qualify to use your service? Prospective clients must demonstrate that they can only walk limited distances and find taxis and public transport too physically challenging as a means of getting around. We meet with all prospective clients in order to understand their needs and assess their suitability for our service.   
6 I am unable to walk the long distance from the hospital entrance to the clinic - what shall I do? We have our own wheelchair for use by the drivers, and the driver assigned to take you will have this available should you need it.
7 Can I pay with cash or cheque? Yes, both are acceptable.
8 I am completely blind - can I use WVCS? Yes - and be assured that your driver will stay with you throughout.
9 I need to shop regularly but am unable to get round a supermarket - can you help? We will be happy to go shopping for you - simply provide a shopping list. You will be charged as if you were with the driver.
10 I am confined to a wheelchair - can WVCS provide me with transport? If you're able to manoeuvre out of your wheelchair into the passenger seat - yes. This would be the only option for us to drive you. 
11 I'm only 17 years old with very limited mobility. I have a small folding wheelchair - can you take me to Guy's Hospital in London? Yes - providing you can get into the passenger seat. We can carry your wheelchair in the boot. Age is not a consideration. Don't forget that parking fees and the Congestion Charge will be added to the cost of your journey.  
12 I need to go to a specialist in Reading and stay for 3 hours. Will the driver wait, and if not will I be charged for two journeys? For extended appointments, the driver is entitled to go back to home or work, and return later to bring back the Client. We have to pay our drivers mileage allowances, and thus may need to add a supplement to the cost of your journey to ensure we can cover the driver costs.  
13 I need to know in advance how much a journey will cost me if it's further than the £12 fixed-price distance. Is this possible? Yes. We can calculate the distance prior and add any known expenses such as Congestion Charge, and give you a good estimate of overall cost. You may have to add parking fees and driver refreshments if applicable.
14 Can I use WVCS to visit my sister in Oxford? Yes, providing we have a driver available who's prepared to go that far. You will be charged at 65 Pence a mile, plus any parking costs, and any out-of-pocket expenses the driver incurs such as meals and refreshments whilst waiting.
15 Can I set in place a regular booking for a journey I need to do three times a week? No - bookings are made on a first come first served basis. To make block bookings would tie up driver resource that may be needed for for journeys of a more urgent nature. 
16 I need to be taken to Wexham Park Hospital on one day and brought back the next day - will it the fixt price of £12 still apply? No. because our driver will have to make two return trips we will charge £16. This is to recover some of the extra costs of paying our driver.
17 I use a taxi three times a week to see my sister in a nursing home in Maidenhead. Can I use WVCS for this as it will be cheaper? WVCS is for people whose impaired mobility prevents them from using taxis and public transport. So the answer would be no. And besides, our objective is not just to provide cheap transport.