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WVCS is totally dependant on donations for its survival and operation. We are very keen to expand in order to service the much wider potential client base that exists in Windsor.

At present, our service is constrained by the limited funding we've been able to secure. Expanding the service will incur significantly higher administration costs, along with the budget needed to mount a campaign to reach those in the community who would benefit from caring transport, but who don't know we exist. 

Every effort has been made to streamline the operation, but regardless, we still have to pay rent for our office and pay our Administrator. We also have to insure our premises and cover third part liabilities. And then there's stationary, Internet charges, advertising and CRB checks - it goes on.

We desperately need donations, however small. As a local resident, why not support a local voluntary service like us with regular donations by standing order.

We appeal to any local organisations who can help us financially.

All of the money received is used with great care, and is greatly appreciated.

Please get in touch as directed on our Contact page.