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Our services are to a simple formula. We undertake to collect clients from their chosen pick-up point, usually their home, and drive them to the requested destination, at all times being cognisant and supportive of their level of impaired mobility, or frailty.

Most journeys are 'Wait and Return', given that clients' appointments, are on average, upwards to one hour long. On this basis, drivers will wait for the client, and if need be, accompany them to the waiting room and sit with them. If the client's appointment is longer, the driver, at their discretion, may choose to leave and return later when the client is ready for the homeward journey. 

Our drivers use their own vehicles, and have made arrangements with their insurers to be covered as a volunteer driver. All drivers are vetted by the Criminal Records Bureau and assessed for suitability.

Using the Service - Clients MUST give us 5 working days notice of their journey requiremnents. Our telephone is attended Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.00 am until 1.00 pm. Clients should call during these hours and explain their journey requirements to our Administrator. One of our Volunteer drivers will be assigned for the journey and their name and telephone number will be provided to the Client. Messages can be left on our telephone outside of the hours given, but the messages won't be attended to until the Administrator is in attendance again.

Rates are as follows:   Return journeys within the Windsor SL4 area are 5 pounds.  Return journeys to Wexham Park, St Marks and Heatherwood Hospitals are 12 pounds. Journeys to destinations outside Windsor of a similar distance as the three hospitals mentioned, are 12 pounds.

Note - Journeys necessitating two return trips: Where a client is taken to their destination on one day and picked up the next day, or taken in the morning and collected in the afternoon, an increased charge will apply. This is to cover the cost of paying our drivers for the additional round trip. Charges are as follows: 5 pounds is increased to 7 pounds and 12 pounds is increased to 16 pounds.

Journeys of a greater distance are charged at 65 pence per mile, and this includes the return journey distance. Clients are expected to pay for any expenses incurred, e.g. parking costs, Congestion Charge, and the cost of any meals or refreshments for the driver as appropriate to the nature and length of the journey.

Clients must pay their driver at the conclusion of the journey. This can be by cash, or a cheque made out to WVCS. The driver will provide the client with a receipt.