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Eligibility to use the service        

Our criteria for eligibility is simple: clients must reside in the Windsor (SL4) area and suffer a level of impaired mobility that makes it difficult for them to use taxis or public transport. In addition, potential clients must sign a declaration stating that they don't have any medical conditions that might put them at risk in using the service, or that might cause the driver to be faced with a medical emergency they are not equipped or trained to deal with.

We visit all new applicants to ensure that they meet the criteria for using our service.

Beyond that, potential clients must be able to get in and out of the car unaided.

Clients who can't get in and out of a car unaided MUST be accompanied by someone who can assist them. It is NOT the responsibility of the driver to physically assist or lift clients at any point in the journey.

A folding wheel chair can be provided by the driver if required. Clients may find this useful if they have to walk any distance at their journey destination.

Regrettably, we can't take people who are totally wheel-chair bound.

We exercise the right to refuse transportation to Clients who decline to pay for their journeys, or who are discourteous or rude to our drivers.